Timekeeper Resume Sample

By | August 9, 2014

To apply for a timekeeper position, you must have account and administration knowledge and a timekeeper resume. Administrative knowledge is needed because the job of a timekeeper comes under the broad category of administration. In this position, you will work as a link between employees and the management, especially the payroll department. You are answerable for maintaining employees’ data that are essential in calculating their salaries. This includes the number of hours worked, production and incentive or commission.

Since you are responsible in providing correct data to the account department for preparing employees’ pay checks, you must be familiar with the accounting and payroll software programs. You should be able to calculate the deductions, wages, and other benefits accurately to avoid any confusion. Therefore, the timekeeper resume should include the entire duties and functions when applying for the job. Refer to the job descriptions and resume samples on the internet before starting to write the timekeeper resume.

The timekeeper resume should highlight the other areas that will show your eligibility to work for the job. You have to include planning, time-management and coordination skills. The job requires lots of accuracy as you are dealing with the most important thing—salary. So, make your resume perfect and accurate.

Timekeeper Resume

David S. Cox
2099 Pratt Avenue
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
(360) XXX-7465


To work as a timekeeper for the company managing the records of employees to ensure that their wages are calculated correctly and on time by utilizing my accounting and administrative skills.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Experience in managing timekeeping records
  • Good administration and coordination skills
  • Ability to work in custom payroll data programs
  • Excellent analytical and mathematical skills
  • Mastery in written and oral communication
  • Sound accounting background
  • Unusual time-management and planning skills

Work Experience

Major Motors Ltd., Mount Vernon, WA
2009 – Present

  • Compile production and time records of employees
  • Review all essential documents such as time cards, time sheets and work charts submitted by employees
  • Compute and post details of production and hours worked to the payroll department
  • Calculate wage deductions by reviewing leave, vocation and sick records
  • Verify employees’ attendance manually and electronically
  • Converse with employees to discuss differences in hours worked
  • Justify any deductions in the salary by providing on paper proof to employees
  • Visit the production and work places to check the attendance of workers
  • Coordinate with account and departmental heads for payroll process
  • Disseminate new policies and procedures to the employees by displaying notices in each department
  • Calculate bonus, incentive and commission for employees
  • Tracked the extra hours worked for overtime
  • Suggest or recommend changes in the payroll software program


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
XYZ University, Mount Vernon, WA

Certification Course in Accounting
ABC Institute of Accounts and Finance, Mount Vernon, WA

Available on request

The timekeeper has to ensure that time sheets are provided and collected by the employees on time to enable the payroll department to issue pay checks. If accounting and administration is your area of interest, then apply for the timekeeper job referring this timekeeper resume example