Sample Sketch Artist Resume

By | December 17, 2013

Sketch Artist Resume

If there has been no sketch artist, tracking the criminals would have been next to impossible. Sketch artists draw the outline of the criminals as per the description given by the witnesses. It would be no exaggeration in admitting that sketch artists help the victims in receiving justice. These artists work with police, in the court room and in companies engaged in commercial activities. If you have the skills, perseverance, fine arts education and work experience, create a sketch artist resume to build your career.

The sketch artist usually helps in preparing the sketches of criminals. However, their skill is also needed in the fashion, design, entertainment and forensic industries as well. When applying for the job, the sketch artist resume must include knowledge of fine arts, since it is the basic qualification needed for the job. The other quality the employers would be interested in is your ability to visualize how the desired work would appear once it is complete. So, ensure that your visualization skill is highlighted in the sketch artist resume. Read the resume writing tips to get familiar about the highlighting skills in the resume.

As a sketch artist, you can specialize in any one of the art forms. There are many options to choose from. However, the primary task in any of the chosen discipline would be to draw sketches, either through descriptions given by someone or through your own observation. You can use your sketching skills to help police in nabbing criminals, sketching characters for animation movies, and drawing a courtroom scene. Your sketching forte should be highlighted in the sketch artist resume.

Sketch Artist Resume Sample

Charles A. Hodges
30 Buena Vista Avenue
Springfield, OR 97477
Phone: (541) XXX-7528


I have been sketching structures and portraits from my schooling days. Now, it has become my passion and source of living. My goal is to work as a sketch artist and help the society to sigh with relief by helping the police to nab criminals with my sketch work.


  • Great interpretation and visualization skills
  • Skilled in sketching portraits with hands and using design software
  • Active listener and sound memory
  • Focused, reliable and dependable employee
  • Knowledge of sketching techniques
  • Proficient in working with all tools such as pastels, pencil and charcoal

Work Experience

Sketch Artist
Springfield Police Station, Springfield, OR
2009 – Present

  • Create complex images as per the suspects’ description provided by witnesses
  • Review and alter sketches to meet the specifications
  • Attend criminal court cases and sketch court room scene for further evidences
  • Interview witnesses to visualize the crime scene and draw sketches accordingly
  • Draw line sketches and enter in the software to create composite images
  • Research about suspects’ ethnicity to understand their features and use it in sketches
  • Coordinate with crime scene photographers to aid the investigation by recreating the scene
  • Save time by searching the file and criminals’ databases to determine any criminal history of suspects
  • Make a photocopy of the sketches and keep a record

Sketch Artist
Fun Field Company, Springfield, OR
2007 – 2009

  • Researched and created sketches of famous entities using pencil and charcoal for publications and animation
  • Sketched people, animals, and buildings to entertain children
  • Worked in fashion designing projects in coordination with designers
  • Sketched models, dresses and the stage for fashion shows


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, University of New York, New York, 2007

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Sketching is not only a medium to pursue one’s passion, but it is also a good source of earning a living. As a sketch artist, you can contribute a lot for the society, and the entertainment industry. Use this sketch artist resume sample to begin your sketching career.