Farm Laborer Resume Sample

By | August 12, 2014

Farm Laborer Resume Format

Have you ever thought for a while about the meal on your plate? No doubt, you have paid for it from where you have purchased it. But the process from purchasing it and serving it on your dining table is possible only because of the hard work put by the farm workers. These people work on the farm to raise enough food products for our consumption. In other words, they are contributing their part for the welfare of the society. They work in farm where crop production is done and livestock are kept. However, to get the farm job, you have to write a farm laborer resume.

The duties of the farm laborer can differ widely. Mostly, they do all the physical work on the field. They have to take care of the feeding needs of the livestock raised in the farm, and help in all sorts of farming activities such as planting seeds, watering crops and plants, cutting shrubs, harvesting, loading and unloading materials from trucks. Therefore, when preparing the farm laborer resume, you must include all the farming activities you have performed in your past and current job.

If you cannot afford the professional resume writer services, then simply browse on the internet and read resume samples of your profession. Try to understand the resume layout and its components. Investing few moments in those sample resumes will administer enough confidence in you to write the farm laborer resume. Here is one such sample resume to provide you the start.

Farm Laborer Resume

Kenneth L. Alberts
1047 Jadewood Farms
Millburn, NJ 07041
(973) XXX-2589


Looking for a position of farm laborer and be associated with the farm where my skills and experience will be utilized in performing farm duties.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Physically strong to perform farm duties
  • Familiar with farming activities and equipments
  • Hardworking and multitasking abilities
  • Comfortable in handling and feeding livestock
  • Ability to withstand any weather condition
  • Skilled in caring livestock and maintaining proper sanitation

Work Experience

Farm Laborer
Top Farm Associates, Millburn, NJ
2008 – Present

  • Plow, fertilize, irrigate and harvest farm crops
  • Apply fertilizer, and pesticides on plants
  • Clean, feed, and check weight of livestock
  • Repair and erect fences within the farm vicinity
  • Operate tractor, dairy processing, milking machines and other farming equipments
  • Perform general repair and maintenance work on machines
  • Maintain a record about the usage of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Harvest crops and fruits using hand tools
  • Select right fertilizers and pesticides reading the nature of the soil and identifying weeds, pests and plants
  • Monitor and report the progress of crop to the supervisor
  • Load and unload materials into trucks and drive it to storage facilities and market
  • Involve in the post harvesting activities on crops
  • Check and maintain the irrigation equipment

High School Diploma
City High School, Millburn, NJ

On request

The farm laborer resume should show the skills to perform multiple tasks involved in the farming business. If you can work independently or under no supervision, communicate this ability in the sample resume to improve employment chances.