Copywriter Resume Sample

By | August 13, 2014

Words, if used properly, can create a magic and bring changes in a person’s life. For someone from a copywriting profession, words are their bread and butter. They are the one who are at ease playing with words. They write a brochure, magazine, scripts for television advertisement, or a jingle for a radio. They can inform or educate people with their inspirational, informative and descriptive messages. When such a talent is housing in you, the expectations from a copywriter resume is very high.

The copywriter resume should command a respect in the advertising industry. When you have chosen the copywriting profession, you are expected to have imaginative skills, and a good stock of vocabulary. Therefore, while creating the copywriter resume, you must follow your instinct and communicate your skills and abilities in a succinct way.

Copywriter Resume Sample

Leroy L. Blevins
746 Indiana Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) XXX-7495


To communicate succinctly the core message of a product and service so that it can be understood and appreciated by the laymen, and they are motivated enough to buy it from the company it is being advertised for.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Flair for writing
  • Love to play with words
  • At home in written and verbal communications
  • Ability to put messages clearly, briefly and precisely
  • Taught English grammar to intermediate students
  • Flexible to wait and work any wee hours to meet deadlines and achieve organization goals
  • Ability to edit graphics in editing software and use it in communicating messages
  • Experienced in writing scripts for TV and radio commercials
  • Ability to design, supervise and run a promotional campaign
  • Conceive instant ideas in promoting any types of products or services

Work Experience

Senior Copywriter
2008 – Present
Concept Marketing Inc. Honolulu, HI

  • Design slogans and edit multimedia materials written by junior copywriters
  • Develop commercial advertising material and scripts for TV and radio broadcasts
  • Write promotional and advertising materials as per clients’ specifications
  • Plan, design and supervise advertisement campaign
  • Prepare and present ideas to clients
  • Meet and discuss the features of a product or services with clients, and recommend valuable suggestions for enhancement
  • Use language based on the target audiences
  • Communicate with creative staff to analyze and draft the advertising copy
  • Write marketing and promotional materials for all sorts of media communications

2006 – 2008
General Advertising Honolulu, HI

  • Wrote and edited advertising copies and submitted to supervisors for approval
  • Communicated with clients according to their level of understanding to pass messages clearly and precisely
  • Drafted articles, sales letters, scripts, speeches, bulletins and informative messages for promotional and marketing purposes
  • Named products and services and wrote theme-based slogans
  • Reviewed and analyzed new means of promotional methods in branding products and services
  • Worked with creative team and art director to design advertising campaigns
  • Researched product to understand its utilities and features to communicate it through writing
  • Proofread and corrected grammatical and spelling mistakes in promotional materials

Academic Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Arts 2006
California State University, Los Angeles

Master’s Degree in Copywriting 2008
Jenkins University, Atlanta, GA

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The copywriter resume is an important document. The tone and the language of the resume should be persuasive and presentable. This copywriter resume sample will help while penning down your skills and work experience in your resume.