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Art Framer Resume Sample

Art Framer is responsible for framing sculptors and paintings. To apply for the post of art framer you must send a professional resume. You need to customize your resume as per the job requirements mentioned in the job advertisement. You are supposed to send a resume to apply for a job whether you are a […]


Art Teacher Resume

Everybody has a talent, but few use those talents for good purposes. One such talent is the teaching skill. Imparting knowledge to others in whatever you are good at is the best use of one’s talent. If you love to share your artistic skills with others, and do not want to limit it to yourself, […]


Sample Sketch Artist Resume

If there has been no sketch artist, tracking the criminals would have been next to impossible. Sketch artists draw the outline of the criminals as per the description given by the witnesses. It would be no exaggeration in admitting that sketch artists help the victims in receiving justice. These artists work with police, in the […]