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Timekeeper Resume Sample

To apply for a timekeeper position, you must have account and administration knowledge and a timekeeper resume. Administrative knowledge is needed because the job of a timekeeper comes under the broad category of administration. In this position, you will work as a link between employees and the management, especially the payroll department. You are answerable […]


Patent Administrator Resume

In the business world, whenever something is invented by a company, the first step they take is, to get a patent for their invention in order to get the legal ownership and restrict others from using it without permission. This is important for the business of the company. Hence, they appoint people with knowledge of […]


Event Coordinator Resume Sample

Planning an event is a tedious process. Lots of energy, patience and coordination skills are required to perform the job. This responsibility is shouldered by the event coordinators. They are the professionals who are responsible for the success of events. These people spearhead the entire activity of the event. So, while applying for this similar […]