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Computer Sample Resume

When recruiting candidates for job in technical field the employers are looking for candidates with technical expertise. Your resume should highlight your technical proficiency, so that it grabs the recruiter’s attention. Most candidates find resume writing as a difficult task. Plan your resume before writing it is on paper would ease the process of resume writing for you. We have provided a computer sample resume below that you can use as reference to draft your customized resume. In today’s age of tough competition, you must take extra efforts to draft a well-written resume example to stay ahead of the rest of the competition.

Computer Resume Sample

Kenneth K. Parra
1174 Henry Ford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Job Objectives:

To work as a Software Tester in leading software company that aims at designing excellent software projects as per the clients requirements and expectations.

Professional Experience:

Software Tester
DTS Software Company Pvt. Ltd.
September, 2008 to present
Rules and Regulations:

  • Conducting manual testing on the software modules assigned to me
  • Noting down bugs and errors in the code in the appropriate manner
  • Using various testing software to test the code and creating reports of the bugs found
  • Recording and monitoring results in software test document
  • Creating test plans, test scenarios and acceptance criteria for different projects assigned to me
  • Appropriately communicating faults and bug in the software code to the programmer
  • Conducting bulk testing on the software program and keeping a log of the test failures
  • Conducted stress, load and performance testing on different software
  • Coordinating with the development team to make the software user friendly
  • Preparing test plans to examine all the aspects of the software from the perspective of the end user


  • Through knowledge of software development lifecycle
  • Complete understanding of various testing types such as reliability, functional, load, stress, unit, integration, performance testing and regression testing
  • Ability to work under deadline based work environment
  • Proficient in using MS Office Suite and testing softwares
  • Proficient in understanding code programmed using C, C++ and Java

Masters in Computer Science (Specialization – Software Testing), University of New York, 2008
Bachelors in Computer Science, University of New York, 2006

Diploma in Software Testing from AIS Institute, New York, 2008


Ronald R. Murillo
Project Manager
DTS Software Company Pvt. Ltd.
4297 Ferrell Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Cell No: 907-205-1919

John P. Fuselier
Team Lead
DTS Software Company Pvt. Ltd.
4297 Ferrell Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Cell No: 907-205-1902

The computer sample resume must emphasis the candidate’s technical proficiency, ability to work in team and academic details. The format of the resume should be readable and professional.


Copywriter Resume Sample

Words, if used properly, can create a magic and bring changes in a person’s life. For someone from a copywriting profession, words are their bread and butter. They are the one who are at ease playing with words. They write a brochure, magazine, scripts for television advertisement, or a jingle for a radio. They can inform or educate people with their inspirational, informative and descriptive messages. When such a talent is housing in you, the expectations from a copywriter resume is very high.

The copywriter resume should command a respect in the advertising industry. When you have chosen the copywriting profession, you are expected to have imaginative skills, and a good stock of vocabulary. Therefore, while creating the copywriter resume, you must follow your instinct and communicate your skills and abilities in a succinct way.

Copywriter Resume Sample

Leroy L. Blevins
746 Indiana Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) XXX-7495


To communicate succinctly the core message of a product and service so that it can be understood and appreciated by the laymen, and they are motivated enough to buy it from the company it is being advertised for.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Flair for writing
  • Love to play with words
  • At home in written and verbal communications
  • Ability to put messages clearly, briefly and precisely
  • Taught English grammar to intermediate students
  • Flexible to wait and work any wee hours to meet deadlines and achieve organization goals
  • Ability to edit graphics in editing software and use it in communicating messages
  • Experienced in writing scripts for TV and radio commercials
  • Ability to design, supervise and run a promotional campaign
  • Conceive instant ideas in promoting any types of products or services

Work Experience

Senior Copywriter
2008 – Present
Concept Marketing Inc. Honolulu, HI

  • Design slogans and edit multimedia materials written by junior copywriters
  • Develop commercial advertising material and scripts for TV and radio broadcasts
  • Write promotional and advertising materials as per clients’ specifications
  • Plan, design and supervise advertisement campaign
  • Prepare and present ideas to clients
  • Meet and discuss the features of a product or services with clients, and recommend valuable suggestions for enhancement
  • Use language based on the target audiences
  • Communicate with creative staff to analyze and draft the advertising copy
  • Write marketing and promotional materials for all sorts of media communications

2006 – 2008
General Advertising Honolulu, HI

  • Wrote and edited advertising copies and submitted to supervisors for approval
  • Communicated with clients according to their level of understanding to pass messages clearly and precisely
  • Drafted articles, sales letters, scripts, speeches, bulletins and informative messages for promotional and marketing purposes
  • Named products and services and wrote theme-based slogans
  • Reviewed and analyzed new means of promotional methods in branding products and services
  • Worked with creative team and art director to design advertising campaigns
  • Researched product to understand its utilities and features to communicate it through writing
  • Proofread and corrected grammatical and spelling mistakes in promotional materials

Academic Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Arts 2006
California State University, Los Angeles

Master’s Degree in Copywriting 2008
Jenkins University, Atlanta, GA

On request

The copywriter resume is an important document. The tone and the language of the resume should be persuasive and presentable. This copywriter resume sample will help while penning down your skills and work experience in your resume.


Farm Laborer Resume Sample

Farm Laborer Resume Format

Have you ever thought for a while about the meal on your plate? No doubt, you have paid for it from where you have purchased it. But the process from purchasing it and serving it on your dining table is possible only because of the hard work put by the farm workers. These people work on the farm to raise enough food products for our consumption. In other words, they are contributing their part for the welfare of the society. They work in farm where crop production is done and livestock are kept. However, to get the farm job, you have to write a farm laborer resume.

The duties of the farm laborer can differ widely. Mostly, they do all the physical work on the field. They have to take care of the feeding needs of the livestock raised in the farm, and help in all sorts of farming activities such as planting seeds, watering crops and plants, cutting shrubs, harvesting, loading and unloading materials from trucks. Therefore, when preparing the farm laborer resume, you must include all the farming activities you have performed in your past and current job.

If you cannot afford the professional resume writer services, then simply browse on the internet and read resume samples of your profession. Try to understand the resume layout and its components. Investing few moments in those sample resumes will administer enough confidence in you to write the farm laborer resume. Here is one such sample resume to provide you the start.

Farm Laborer Resume

Kenneth L. Alberts
1047 Jadewood Farms
Millburn, NJ 07041
(973) XXX-2589


Looking for a position of farm laborer and be associated with the farm where my skills and experience will be utilized in performing farm duties.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Physically strong to perform farm duties
  • Familiar with farming activities and equipments
  • Hardworking and multitasking abilities
  • Comfortable in handling and feeding livestock
  • Ability to withstand any weather condition
  • Skilled in caring livestock and maintaining proper sanitation

Work Experience

Farm Laborer
Top Farm Associates, Millburn, NJ
2008 – Present

  • Plow, fertilize, irrigate and harvest farm crops
  • Apply fertilizer, and pesticides on plants
  • Clean, feed, and check weight of livestock
  • Repair and erect fences within the farm vicinity
  • Operate tractor, dairy processing, milking machines and other farming equipments
  • Perform general repair and maintenance work on machines
  • Maintain a record about the usage of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Harvest crops and fruits using hand tools
  • Select right fertilizers and pesticides reading the nature of the soil and identifying weeds, pests and plants
  • Monitor and report the progress of crop to the supervisor
  • Load and unload materials into trucks and drive it to storage facilities and market
  • Involve in the post harvesting activities on crops
  • Check and maintain the irrigation equipment

High School Diploma
City High School, Millburn, NJ

On request

The farm laborer resume should show the skills to perform multiple tasks involved in the farming business. If you can work independently or under no supervision, communicate this ability in the sample resume to improve employment chances.


Architectural Drafter Resume Sample

Sample Architectural Drafter Resume

Constructing a building needs proper planning. The planning should start by drafting the layout of the structure. The draft should be clear and precise to be followed by the supervisors and site workers. This drafting of a plan is done by the architectural drafters. These trained and skilled professional drafts the plan of a building based on which the constructing processes are carried on. If planning and constructing building is your passion, get in this challenging field by drafting an architectural drafter resume.

Since the drafter plan the building design, the architectural drafter resume must include knowledge of design. It should show the employers that you have the knowledge of working with tools, materials, and the construction process involved while repairing old or constructing new buildings. In addition, knowledge of mathematics such as geometry, arithmetic, algebra and statistics is compulsory to achieve the precision in your designs. Furthermore, the architectural drafter resume should include working knowledge of computer-aided design, and application of engineering design and technology.

The work experience is important in fetching the desired employment. Hence, you should state it in a simple and impressive manner to convey your abilities for the applied position. If you are out of practice for drafting the resume, here is a sample of architecture drafter resume for your reference. You may as well read the resume writing tips for architecture resumes on

Sample Architectural Drafter Resume

Curtis B. Herrington
4434 Marshville Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
(845) XXX-7512


To work as an architectural drafter in a construction company and help architect and designer by drawing their sketches, and planning and drafting own design for projects.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Knowledge of engineering tools and applications
  • Know-how of design concepts and construction process
  • Familiar with geometry, algebra and statistic to ensure precision work
  • Good visualization and documentation skills
  • Active listener and good communicator
  • Ability to work in team and meet deadlines
  • Proficient in working all computer-aided design software

Work Experience

Architectural Drafter
Towering Construction Company, Poughkeepsie, NY
2009 – Present

  • Prepare sketches to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional images
  • Prepare initial sketches by conferring with architects and designers according to their concepts
  • Study the sketches provided by engineers and designers and prepare detailed design and plans as per the specifications
  • Prepare drawings showing plans, elevations, sections, materials and finished, as well as other aspects such as layouts, plumbing, drainage, car parking and landscaping
  • Plan and draw the placements of elevators, materials, plumbing, car parking, landscaping, drainage, etc. in the building design
  • Analyze and compute the project cost, completion date, and materials needed for the project
  • Coordinate with engineers and supervisor to ensure work is going on as per the drafted plan
  • Act as a liaison while dealing with the local government officials
  • Visit the work site for measurements and planning the architecture design
  • Work in computer-aided design software to lay out interior and exterior plans
  • Coordinate and supervise the work of draftsperson and other staff engaged in the construction projects

Asst. Architectural Drafter
A-One Builders, Poughkeepsie, NY
2007 – 2009

  • Assisted senior drafter in planning and designing works
  • Checked materials used in construction and prepared a requisition
  • Visited site and ensured workers and supervisor understood the design
  • Assisted in preparing project estimation and contracts
  • Contributed in building landscape for residential and commercial projects
  • Performed an administrative tasks such as submitting plans for receiving approval from the municipality


Associate Degree in Drafting
ABC University, Poughkeepsie, NY

On request

As the population is exploding throughout the globe, the need for more residential and commercial buildings is increasing as well. For architectural drafter, this is a good sign. If you want to get a benefit from this rising trend, use this architectural drafter resume sample in fetching the job.


Aircraft Cleaner Resume

Aircraft Cleaner Resume

Cleaning is important not only for aesthetic look, but also for emanating positive vibes. Cleaning something, which we use daily, requires time and skills. To clean something as big as an aircraft, you have to push your attempts higher by few notches. For this reason, the airline companies seek services of businesses that provide the aircraft cleaning services. This generates the need of aircraft cleaners, and an aircraft cleaner resume.

The aircraft cleaner resume is the application you send to the employers in which you describe your career objective, work history, and educational details. By reading the aircraft cleaner resume, the employers can know that you have already worked with chemicals and other products used for cleaning aircraft. The knowledge of the cleaning products and equipment is important because you have to clean and protect the aircraft’s interior and exterior from corrosion.

For the aircraft cleaner job, education is the secondary condition. The employers are more concerned with the type of daily duties you have performed, and the various cleaning equipment you have used. Hence, while writing the aircraft cleaner resume, you must include your day-to-day activities and experience in working with the cleaning tools and equipments. The aircraft cleaner resume sample given below will help you in incorporating these elements in your resume.

Aircraft Cleaner Resume

Gregory S. Gentry
1956 Yorkshire Circle
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) XXX-7945


I am experienced aircraft cleaner with four years of experience in the business. I would like to work at this position with a company where my skills and experience could meet and exceed the challenges encountered in the aircraft cleaning business.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Excellent knowledge of chemicals and cleaning products used in the job
  • Ability to clean and maintain both interior and exterior of the aircraft
  • Skilled in using all high-tech equipments to prevent the expensive carpets and other aircraft facilities
  • Complete knowledge to clean all types of stubborn stains
  • Experience in operating, repairing and maintaining cleaning equipments
  • Excellent ability to apply manual dexterity in installing, manipulating, moving and positing materials
  • Ability to gel with co-workers and work in team environment

Work Experience

  • Vacuum the carpets, luggage compartment, under seat cushion and entrance stair
  • Clean and sanitize the basic facilities such as toilet, windows and aircraft lavatory
  • Remove exhaust stains, wheel and flap wells using special cleaning agents
  • Prevent the interior from corrosion, fading and chipping by applying right cleaning products
  • Use broom, ladder, mops and sprayer while cleaning
  • Inspect and inform the supervisor of any damages caused to the interior and exterior components
  • Clean and polish doors, windows and metal objects
  • Use brushes, disinfectants, acid, insecticide, or vacuums to scrub and spray machine parts
  • Use air compressors to dry surfaces and rinsed objects

High School Diploma
St. Peter High School, Greenville, NC

On request

The airline companies are serious in maintaining and preserving the aircraft. So, while writing the resume, look up for few resume format and resume examples on the internet. If you could lend a hand in their attempt in this direction, the aircraft cleaner resume sample provided above is perfect to start your career.