Art Teacher Resume

By | March 18, 2014

Art Teacher Resume Sample

Everybody has a talent, but few use those talents for good purposes. One such talent is the teaching skill. Imparting knowledge to others in whatever you are good at is the best use of one’s talent. If you love to share your artistic skills with others, and do not want to limit it to yourself, then you are a perfect choice for the teacher job. However, to find a suitable employment, you should prepare an art teacher resume.

The art teacher resume will serve as a representation of your art background and teaching skills. It is written to show the selection committee of the school, college or university that you have the foundation of art and teaching.

To make it easy for the employers, you must mention your area of specialization in the art teacher resume. Include your teaching experience and state what changes you have brought in students’ academic performances. If writing resume is difficult for you, read on the resume samples on the internet.

Sample Art Teacher Resume

Heather T. Tripp
525 Summit Street
Clarence, IA 52216
Phone: (563) XXX-7415


Art is my forte, and teaching is my passion. I am looking for an art teacher position where art is the mainstream subject, and to help students to understand art nuances and excel in their professional lives.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Excellent knowledge of art backed with eight years of teaching art experience
  • Comfortable to teach students of all age group, and ability to discipline them
  • Rock solid patience and enthusiasm for teaching
  • Complete theoretical and practical knowledge about design concepts
  • Remarkable skills in designing curriculum and training materials
  • Strong motivational and supervision skills
  • Committed and dedicated in providing superior teaching education quality
  • Admirable communication and interpersonal skills

Work Experience

Art Teacher
Angel’s High School, Clarence, IA
2008 – Present

  • Plan and prepare lessons for teaching and course goals
  • Teach sketching, painting, designing and sculpturing to art students
  • Demonstrate basic steps and artistic techniques needed when starting the design work
  • Assign project work and evaluate them based on their performance
  • Instruct them on building storyboard, and how to understand the theme of the project
  • Prepare and deliver lectures on the concepts of arts, its origination and the art revolution
  • Motivate students to participate in activities to enhance their skills
  • Review the effects of the course materials and recommend changes for further improvements
  • Check attendance of students and speak to them to solve their problems
  • Visit corporate companies and invite them for campus recruitment
  • Arrange and coordinate events to exhibit students’ artistic work

Assistant Art Teacher
Bright Career High School, Clarence, IA
2006 – 2008

  • Helped art teachers in preparing course curriculum
  • Inspired students in developing their creative talents
  • Purchased and maintained the stocks of art resources and materials
  • Arranged school trips to museum and art galleries to motivate students
  • Instructed students in creating design on ceramics
  • Communicated with parents, counselor and teaching staff to solve students’ problems and discuss changes for improving teaching styles
  • Conducted painting workshops and evening classes


Bachelor’s Degree in Fine and Applied Arts
New York University, New York

On request

Before mailing the art teacher resume, ensure that it is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Otherwise, it will not achieve its purpose. Make use of this art teacher resume sample to apply for the job.