Aircraft Production Inspector Resume Sample

By | August 7, 2014

Aircraft Production Inspector Resume Sample

To apply for the post of aircraft production inspector, you are expected to send a professional resume. As jobs in the airline industry are well paid, you are expected to face tough competition. Therefore, drafting a professional resume is important. Before you start writing your aircraft production inspector resume, decide the important points that you would include in your resume. Plan your resume and accordingly divide it into various sections.

Important sections that an aircraft production inspector resume can contain are as follow:

  • Contact Details: Include details such as your name, address, mobile number, home phone number and email-id
  • Job Objective: Here you need to mention the kind of job you are looking for
  • Professional Experience: Details about your previous jobs such as name of the company, your designation, tenure, and roles and responsibilities
  • Education: To apply for technical jobs in the airline industry, you need relevant educational background. Hence, mention your academic details in reverse chronological order
  • License: Certain companies consider recruiting candidates with Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s (AME) License. Therefore, you can highlight such details.
  • Associations: If you are part of any professional association relevant to the job, then mention it in your resume
  • References: References should be provided at end of the resume. The recruiter may need these details for your background verification

Aircraft Production Inspector Sample Resume

Cecil S. Bakker

1196 Goosetown Drive, Leicester, NC 28748
(828) 683 5330

Job Objective:

To work as a Aircraft Production Inspector in an Aircraft Production Company that uses high standards to produce and maintain aircrafts.

Professional Experience:

Designation: Aircraft Production Inspector
Name of Company: ASW Airlines
Tenure: January, 2006 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Inspect the process of airplane parts production
  • Ensure that the engine, technical parts and other parts are produced as per the regular standards
  • To supervise the repair, maintenance and installation work of the airplane
  • Attend seminars and workshops to learn about new aircraft production techniques
  • To send the aircraft maintenance and production report to the management

Designation: Assistant Aircraft Production Inspector
Name of Company: FGH Airlines
Tenure: July, 2001 to January, 2006
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To work under supervision of aircraft production inspector and assemble the different aircraft parts
  • Work in the coordination with the aircraft production team to maintain, assemble, repair different aircraft parts
  • To monitor the aircraft production work
  • Sending work update report to the management


Bachelor of Engineering, (Specialization: Aeronautical), University of North Carolina, 2000


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s (AME) License


Member of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Association


Name: Reema D. Ken
Designation: HR Head
Name of Company: ASW Airlines
Address: 145 Good Drive, Leicester, NC 28748
Mobile No.: (828) 683 9874

Name: Peter W. Wilson
Designation: HR Manager
Name of Company: FGH Airlines
Address: 145 Dew Drive, Leicester, NC 28748
Mobile No.: (828) 683 1478

The sample of aircraft production inspector resume that is mentioned above is drafted to highlight important details in a resume for aircraft production inspector.