Aircraft Mechanic Resume

By | May 27, 2014

An aircraft mechanic resume should contain all the positive aspects including the candidate’s education, his experience and required certifications and licenses. The job of an aircraft mechanic is highly crucial and requires high dedication and professionalism.

Any aircraft company is bound to keep their airplanes repaired and maintained on a regular basis to avoid any mishaps during journey. It is their moral responsibility to protect the lives of the people and crew that commute in their aircraft.

The aircraft mechanics are highly trained professionals who expertly analyze, detect and handle the most complex issues in the aircraft. However, since the job of an aircraft mechanic is extremely critical, this job position is often offered to well qualified and experienced candidates. The resumes of these candidates are thoroughly studied before they are called for a personal interview. Hence, a candidate looking for an aircraft mechanics job position, you must ensure to draft an exclusively smart resume that creates a positive reputation for you.

Below is an aircraft mechanic sample resume that will help you understand the important fields to be included in your resume and the way it should be drafted.

Aircraft Mechanic Sample Resume

Anthony M. Powell
4126 Fairfield Road,
Kenosha, WI 53140
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Career Objective

Seeking a challenging position of an aircraft mechanic in an aspiring airline company where I can use my skills and experience in analyzing, detecting, repairing, testing and maintaining aircrafts according to the standards of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Educational Qualifications

  • Post-Graduation from Aviation Institute of Kenosha – A FAA-Approved Aviation Maintenance Technician School
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Aeronautics at Kenosha Aeronautical University
  • FCC GROL Electronics Technician Course from University of Kenosha

Key Skills

  • Expert technical skills to find and repair all sorts of electrical as well as mechanical problems
  • Proficient analytical skills to understand the root of the problem and determine the exact solution
  • Skilled to detail in interpreting and detailing technical specifications effectively
  • Experienced in solving complex airframe problems
  • Knowledgeable about even the minutest of engine problem and proficient in solving them
  • Expert in working with torque wrenches, metal fabricating machines, metal sheets, spray guns, rivet guns, dial indicators, etc.
  • Complete understanding of the pitch propeller functions
  • Efficient team player and skilled to work and coordinate with team mates in producing desired results

Work Experience

Job Title: Jr. Aircraft Mechanic
Employee: Safe Fly Airlines Inc., Albany, NY
Job Duration: 2010 – Present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Examine, repair and maintain several aircraft components and engines
  • Undertake scheduled inspections and maintenance works
  • Examine electrical systems and perform any repairs or replacements
  • Inspect the aircraft for any cracks or leaks and fix them
  • Repair and fabricate any airframe sheet metal parts
  • Examine the turbine blades and fix the problems if any
  • Make use of ignition analyzer, ohmmeter, distributer timer etc. to inspect any engine malfunctions
  • Check the working of landing gear, control cables, rivet gun, tail and propeller assembly, and other important controls in the aircraft
  • Perform testing of wear and damaged components to detect repair or replacement
  • Lubricating all mechanical gears for efficient functioning
  • Maintaining a log book to keep track of inventory, repairs, replacements and maintenance details

Personal Information

Name: Anthony M. Powell
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: May 05, 1987
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single


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The above aircraft mechanic resume sample will help you understand how to draft your own job winning resume. The above sample resume cover every essential detail that a recruitment officer will look in your resume. Hence, draft your own resume with the help of above sample and get set to achieve your dream job.