Aircraft Cleaner Resume

By | August 11, 2014

Aircraft Cleaner Resume

Cleaning is important not only for aesthetic look, but also for emanating positive vibes. Cleaning something, which we use daily, requires time and skills. To clean something as big as an aircraft, you have to push your attempts higher by few notches. For this reason, the airline companies seek services of businesses that provide the aircraft cleaning services. This generates the need of aircraft cleaners, and an aircraft cleaner resume.

The aircraft cleaner resume is the application you send to the employers in which you describe your career objective, work history, and educational details. By reading the aircraft cleaner resume, the employers can know that you have already worked with chemicals and other products used for cleaning aircraft. The knowledge of the cleaning products and equipment is important because you have to clean and protect the aircraft’s interior and exterior from corrosion.

For the aircraft cleaner job, education is the secondary condition. The employers are more concerned with the type of daily duties you have performed, and the various cleaning equipment you have used. Hence, while writing the aircraft cleaner resume, you must include your day-to-day activities and experience in working with the cleaning tools and equipments. The aircraft cleaner resume sample given below will help you in incorporating these elements in your resume.

Aircraft Cleaner Resume

Gregory S. Gentry
1956 Yorkshire Circle
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) XXX-7945


I am experienced aircraft cleaner with four years of experience in the business. I would like to work at this position with a company where my skills and experience could meet and exceed the challenges encountered in the aircraft cleaning business.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Excellent knowledge of chemicals and cleaning products used in the job
  • Ability to clean and maintain both interior and exterior of the aircraft
  • Skilled in using all high-tech equipments to prevent the expensive carpets and other aircraft facilities
  • Complete knowledge to clean all types of stubborn stains
  • Experience in operating, repairing and maintaining cleaning equipments
  • Excellent ability to apply manual dexterity in installing, manipulating, moving and positing materials
  • Ability to gel with co-workers and work in team environment

Work Experience

  • Vacuum the carpets, luggage compartment, under seat cushion and entrance stair
  • Clean and sanitize the basic facilities such as toilet, windows and aircraft lavatory
  • Remove exhaust stains, wheel and flap wells using special cleaning agents
  • Prevent the interior from corrosion, fading and chipping by applying right cleaning products
  • Use broom, ladder, mops and sprayer while cleaning
  • Inspect and inform the supervisor of any damages caused to the interior and exterior components
  • Clean and polish doors, windows and metal objects
  • Use brushes, disinfectants, acid, insecticide, or vacuums to scrub and spray machine parts
  • Use air compressors to dry surfaces and rinsed objects

High School Diploma
St. Peter High School, Greenville, NC

On request

The airline companies are serious in maintaining and preserving the aircraft. So, while writing the resume, look up for few resume format and resume examples on the internet. If you could lend a hand in their attempt in this direction, the aircraft cleaner resume sample provided above is perfect to start your career.